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agriturismi in maremma

Azienda Agricola Meini Federico

Loc. Vignale Stazione 23
Riotorto 57025 (Li)
P.iva 01938980495


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Sanitation protocolsWe have

always followed the sanitation and reception protocols in safety, ever since we opened our farm. And now more than ever this aspect has become important and unavoidable. So we have adapted the operations of cleaning and SANITIZATION to the procedures indicated by the regulations in force, to ensure you stay in a clean and safe environment. Our apartments are sanitized with dry steam at 160 °, the only real powerful means that can eliminate the virus, they they are sanitized both before the arrival of the guests and after, in


to guarantee safety. We are strictly pertinent to all the directives provided by the World Health Organization and by the local health authorities, regarding cases of

the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health of our guests will always remain

first for us. ​

As sanctioned by the new ministerial decree published in the Official Gazette from 1 April 2022, there is no longer the obligation of a Green Pass to access accommodation facilities such as farmhouses and hotels.

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